Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Thank You Note

I just want to say thanks to everyone who checks my blog and called us today to tell me how great I look on TV. Mom says you need to stop though, something about a 4 month old with an ego as big as mine isn't healthy. Whatever, I'm as healthy as a, um dog. I saw the comment from Lois and just wanted to say thanks to you and your buds for brainstorming and trying to help us out! Anyone with any ideas (any ideas, I mean that, even stupid ones...cause you never know what might pan out...Mom was going to suggest the field where we play, but it doesn't have heat and AC) please contact Nancy and tell her about them.

Well I'm off to bed. We have a big weekend, Ringo is gonna be chllin' with us!

Everyone, thanks again, really!

On a side note, Mom thinks I should start talking about my training. Apparently this blog isn't just supposed to be me ranting all the time and showing off. (HA!) So I'll maybe post a bit this weekend about my mad rockstar know I got 'em!

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