Monday, March 9, 2009

Growing Boy!

Just came back from the vet, 33 pounds!! I got my final wave of shots and was told that my overbite was going to prevent me from doing fine motor movements with my mouth...whatever that means. I can handle things with my mouth just fine! Ask Teddy and Piggy, I carry them around with no problems!

When we got to the vet, I showed off to Mom, jumping out of the car by myself.

Mom rearranged the living room so that I can have my bed and my tent in there and not be in her way. She also got me a new little bed for inside the tent because the one that I had went into my new kennel (stupid box) that she brought home for me. At least I can stretch out in this one though, so it's not as bad.

I'm getting geared up for PawsAbilities, are you?! I can't wait! Mom says it's going to be crazy fun. What with all the dogs and everything and the stuff to do...yea it's going to be nuts! Mom is helping with the Olympics. She said she's going to be Robin to Kara's Batman. Cyclops to her Professor Xavier.

Anyway, like I said, it's going to be great. But now I have to go because Mom has to get ready for work and needs to check her school pages first. You guys have a good week, I'll see you at PawsAbilities!

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