Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me and Nokie

Mom's Favorites

Happy Birthday!!

Ok, so this is a few days late. Blame Mom, she was tying up the computer taking her mid-terms.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! That's right boys and girls, as of Wednesday, February 25th I am 3 months old and counting!! At the doctors Friday they said I was 26 pounds. Mom has moved from calling me "tubs o love" to "big butt". Yea, sure, laugh. See how much you'd like it if someone called YOU that!

First, lets do some comparison shots shall we?

So those are all from when I first came to live here. I'm two months old. These are now (some are actually from tonight!)

So, as you can see, I'm huge. Maybe I deserve the nicknames Mom's given me.

We had evaluations on the night of my birthday. I did quite well, if I do say so myself. Cindi was impressed with me (as she should be!) and Mom was just happy that I wasn't acting like what she calls "myself". (She thinks I'm going through this "stage", she calls it "being a nut job", whatever) I got to play with Misty for about an hour before we went to the evaluation. I love when our Mom's get together, it's always a good time! Even though Misty is always trying to be mean to me... We got to wrestle and play in a big field, not the one that Nokie and I used to go to but a different one. Speaking of Nokie, Mom was real upset this past weekend. It was her first one without Nok. I was really bored and wished he was here too. After the evaluation Mom went to Texas Roadhouse and took me with her. We got a booth and I had to stay under the table. Mom tied me to the table leg and talked to the waitress. It was a mad house in there!! There were people dancing and singing and yelling. I just looked at Mom, she thinks I'm crazy? She needs to open her eyes and look around! I started to fall asleep and she was telling people about me and telling me how good I was being. Apparently I was being so good (this is my favorite part) I got to have some of Mom's steak! Tell me that isn't just TOTALLY WICKED!!! I'll go there with Mom (or ANYONE if they give me steak!) any day! Yea, I was a rockstar, Mom said so.

Tuesday night Mom brought home a new kennel for me. It's more like a tent than a kennel, I love it! And I do, despite what Mom thinks....

Thursday night Mom went to work and Aunt Ari couldn't come over to play with me so I was home alone all night. Well, I got bored. This is where the above comment will come into play and begin to make sense.... Like I said, I was bored, so, I decided to have some fun. Well there's not a whole lot I can do in my kennel, so I got out. Not that I ruined the kennel or did anything bad like that. No, I just unzipped it and had what Mom and Nana are calling a "party". It wasn't anything too bad, I don't think. But Nana came over first and she said I was going to be in trouble when Mom got home. She put me back in and then Mom came home about 5 minutes later. Let me tell you something I've learned about my Mom since living here. My Mom is Irish, not the best people when it comes to tempers, but she's pretty good at controlling hers with me (not so much other people though). She came home and just looked at me. I was still in my kennel (I didn't want to push my luck in case Nana was right and Mom was mad) and I didn't make any noise when she came into the room. Mom just stood there for a second and looked at me then changed her clothes. She was about to leave the room (never attempting to let me out by the way) when she turned around and told me how upset she was and disappointed in me. Well, I say she said it, but it was more like she just forced the words out from behind her teeth. Nana was understating things a bit. She cleaned up the messes I had made then just looked at me again and said she'd be back in an hour. Then she left. Yea, I think people call it "fuming" that's what she was, fuming. When she got back she took her time before she let me out. Then she sat on the floor with me (she smelled like Nana, so she must have went over there) and we said hello and hugged. That's when she let loose with the lecture. I knew I deserved it, no way did I make her that mad that she had to leave and me not deserve it, so I just sat there and tried to look repentant. I must have pulled it off because she let me come out and sit on the couch with her while we watched TV. Then again, she must have still been pretty mad because I didn't get to sleep in bed with her, I had to sleep in the kennel. All in all though, it was ok. I don't think I'm going to be doing anything like that again. Mom locks the zipper closed now with a key chain when she leaves.

Well, I think I'll post some more pictures. The fans have spoken! You guys wanted more pictures? YOU GOT IT!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where's Hawk?

Hi all, sorry for the long absence. I've been a little under the weather. Nokie brought home the plague this weekend. But that's already past for both of us. Mom is in the process of switching my food. She thinks that might help me with I thank all of you for your continued interest in my development and well being (can you tell I'm almost a big boy now?!) So here goes another round. Lets see what interesting things have being going on in my world...

Last you all heard I was sickly (we're going to stick with that because I'm not going into the details again!) I am almost finished all my medicine and realized a very important thing Friday morning. Mom puts my pills in chicken. It was all good, but I could still kinda taste how nasty they were. Well, Friday I figured it out! If I roll the chicken on my tongue I can work the pills out of the meat. Then all I have to do is spit out the pills and eat the chicken. GENIUS! But, Mom got wise and she put them in peanut butter and stuck it on my tongue. Ever tried to work a pill out of peanut butter? I don't suggest it, just keep swallowing until it's gone. Mom thought that maybe I had learned my lesson and tried to give me the pills with chicken again on Sunday. HA! I worked it out again and spit out....the chicken!! It was horrible!!! The pill was stuck on my gum and it was all I could do to get it free and just swallow the stupid thing. After that I didn't feel like eating breakfast. But as it turns out, that was when Nokie's sickness hit me and I didn't eat much that day anyway.

Misty Morning (Misty for short), my sister, she came over with her mom Jane on Sunday too. We were wrestling and rolling and fighting and just playing till we dropped. Which Misty actually did! The Mom's took us to the field (Nokie and I's favorite spot) and Misty was chasing me then just dropped to the ground and had to lay there a minute. Girls! Just can't handle it! Weaklings! Nokie and I were troopers though. We ran and played, well really he ran, I tried to keep up and play with him when he stopped but he would just run again.

When we got back home, Mom packed us up and we went to a party. Nokie got to go in first and they were gone for a while before Mom came and got me from the car. I was SO tired, but I wanted to see everyone. Mom let me play with some small people for a bit (kids I think she called them, only ever seen one other like them before) then told me that it was nap time. I didn't want to go in the box but I didn't have the strength to protest at that point. Linzey said something to Mom about me being a good boy and trainers (trainers!) being proud of me for being relaxed in my box. Mom told her that she likes me best when I'm tired and sleeping. Liar. She's just as crazy as me, who's she trying to fool?!

I've begun to live a bit of a quiet life now. I'm getting huge, at least that's what Nana says. Mom says I'm too skinny, but she likes how tall I am. I got to see my real mom, Scarlett, on Sunday. That was nice. Nokie was trying to play with her and she didn't want to play with him. Don't know what's going on there, just be a grown up thing. I still go to school with Mom, though I didn't go this past Thursday. OH! That's right, I went to Team Training with Mom on Wednesday. I didn't see a whole lot, I was out in the van with Dusty and my sister Sunshine most of the time. But Mom did take me on this awesome walk through the woods. My Mom, she's a talker, but when we were in those woods even she was quiet. I think she really liked it. She seems like the kind of person who would I think. The only time she spoke was to whisper to herself asking why she didn't bring her camera. (Mom has that thing practically attached to her hand!) We were on the move for something like 12 hours on Wednesday, it was nuts. When puppy class ended and we finally got home we both just collapsed on to the couch. Then Mom carried me to bed and we went to sleep. I was still really tired on Thursday (so was Mom but she still left) and so I didn't go to school with her.

Ahhhh, not so much a quiet life I guess. But not a bad one, that's for sure!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a week....

First we went to school, that's no big deal. Then Nokie comes home from school, that kinda was a big deal. Then Nokie goes back to school, that kinda sucked. Then we go to school again, this time was the best (I escaped). Then I'm sickly! Can you believe it?! Talk about some serious suckage...

About me being sick: I've always been know..."regular." But I've never been (this is so embarrassing) "consistent." Mom's always been a little worried, but she says I usually come out of it pretty quick. This time I didn't. And let me just say this right up front, I am NOT a fan of Linzey right now!! She's the lady that my Mom talks to about me a lot. She also makes my doctor appointments, but I digress. She told my Mom, and what's worse my Mom LISTENED, to not feed me all day yesterday!!!!! Now granted, Mom caved in around midnight and gave me a bit of rice because my tummy was growling so bad we couldn't sleep, but still! This morning I got the chicken that I could smell Mom cooking yesterday and I got more rice. Not enough to make up for the cruel and unusual punishment of yesterday, but she's getting closer to redemption. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's working the way they wanted. I'm still not exactly "solid" if you know what I mean. I'm still kinda "fluid" in my business. But that's enough about me and my business. It's not your business, what do you care? (haha, gotta love a well timed bad pun!)

About me escaping: for all my future trainers out there, I deserve some serious bonus points for this one! I think that when the time comes I could skip a level for this genius, just a suggestion... Mom ties me to her desk when we're at school. She gives me a blanket and three toys. Monkey comes to school, my tug and my Kong. I was playing with my tug and Mom couldn't play with me anymore because she was writing. So I decided that her teacher would want to play with me. I untied my leash (how I'm not telling, secrets like that can save your life someday) and went to play with her. HAHAHA! Mom didn't even notice I was loose until it was too late. I ran up to the teacher and jumped up her leg to get her attention and see if she'd play with me. Evenyone thought I was cute and funny, everyone except Mom. Apparently that woman has to work on her sense of humor.

Sunday, Nokie and I were threatened with a first class oneway trip to the pound. Mom renamed us Tropical Storm Nokie and Hurricane Hawk. She was yelling for I'd say a good two hours before she said "That's it! Everyone get your leashes!" We got in the car and Nokie was excited, she told him not to be, she still wasn't sure if we were going to the pound or the field. She's a sucker because she took us to the field. :) Nokie ran laps like it was his job and I just kinda watched. I'm not saying I coudn't do that too, I'm just being practical. His legs are WAY longer than mine and I didn't want to get run over. Well, so much for wishful thinking. He decided that clotheslining me would be a fun thing to do...repeatedly. Mom yelled at him, told him not to hurt me. Then she tackled him and pinned him. HAHAHA! Gotta love our Mom and her sense of justice! After that he didn't do it anymore. We all ran around, acting crazy and Mom taught me what to do when she whistles. Man that woman has a serious set of pipes on her. She would whistle and dogs in the neighborhood across the street would bark! I figured it out quick (as I've said before, I am a bit of a genius) and we stayed there until we were all too cold and tired to play anymore. When we came home we had lunch and a nice long nap. Mom did more homework, another reason I haven't been able to post anything this week. She's been online doing homework. We have two computers, but she won't let me use the laptop without supervision. I've showed her countless times that I know what I'm doing, but still...she says she's not giving in on this. Well, until next time!