Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Ok, so this is a few days late. Blame Mom, she was tying up the computer taking her mid-terms.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! That's right boys and girls, as of Wednesday, February 25th I am 3 months old and counting!! At the doctors Friday they said I was 26 pounds. Mom has moved from calling me "tubs o love" to "big butt". Yea, sure, laugh. See how much you'd like it if someone called YOU that!

First, lets do some comparison shots shall we?

So those are all from when I first came to live here. I'm two months old. These are now (some are actually from tonight!)

So, as you can see, I'm huge. Maybe I deserve the nicknames Mom's given me.

We had evaluations on the night of my birthday. I did quite well, if I do say so myself. Cindi was impressed with me (as she should be!) and Mom was just happy that I wasn't acting like what she calls "myself". (She thinks I'm going through this "stage", she calls it "being a nut job", whatever) I got to play with Misty for about an hour before we went to the evaluation. I love when our Mom's get together, it's always a good time! Even though Misty is always trying to be mean to me... We got to wrestle and play in a big field, not the one that Nokie and I used to go to but a different one. Speaking of Nokie, Mom was real upset this past weekend. It was her first one without Nok. I was really bored and wished he was here too. After the evaluation Mom went to Texas Roadhouse and took me with her. We got a booth and I had to stay under the table. Mom tied me to the table leg and talked to the waitress. It was a mad house in there!! There were people dancing and singing and yelling. I just looked at Mom, she thinks I'm crazy? She needs to open her eyes and look around! I started to fall asleep and she was telling people about me and telling me how good I was being. Apparently I was being so good (this is my favorite part) I got to have some of Mom's steak! Tell me that isn't just TOTALLY WICKED!!! I'll go there with Mom (or ANYONE if they give me steak!) any day! Yea, I was a rockstar, Mom said so.

Tuesday night Mom brought home a new kennel for me. It's more like a tent than a kennel, I love it! And I do, despite what Mom thinks....

Thursday night Mom went to work and Aunt Ari couldn't come over to play with me so I was home alone all night. Well, I got bored. This is where the above comment will come into play and begin to make sense.... Like I said, I was bored, so, I decided to have some fun. Well there's not a whole lot I can do in my kennel, so I got out. Not that I ruined the kennel or did anything bad like that. No, I just unzipped it and had what Mom and Nana are calling a "party". It wasn't anything too bad, I don't think. But Nana came over first and she said I was going to be in trouble when Mom got home. She put me back in and then Mom came home about 5 minutes later. Let me tell you something I've learned about my Mom since living here. My Mom is Irish, not the best people when it comes to tempers, but she's pretty good at controlling hers with me (not so much other people though). She came home and just looked at me. I was still in my kennel (I didn't want to push my luck in case Nana was right and Mom was mad) and I didn't make any noise when she came into the room. Mom just stood there for a second and looked at me then changed her clothes. She was about to leave the room (never attempting to let me out by the way) when she turned around and told me how upset she was and disappointed in me. Well, I say she said it, but it was more like she just forced the words out from behind her teeth. Nana was understating things a bit. She cleaned up the messes I had made then just looked at me again and said she'd be back in an hour. Then she left. Yea, I think people call it "fuming" that's what she was, fuming. When she got back she took her time before she let me out. Then she sat on the floor with me (she smelled like Nana, so she must have went over there) and we said hello and hugged. That's when she let loose with the lecture. I knew I deserved it, no way did I make her that mad that she had to leave and me not deserve it, so I just sat there and tried to look repentant. I must have pulled it off because she let me come out and sit on the couch with her while we watched TV. Then again, she must have still been pretty mad because I didn't get to sleep in bed with her, I had to sleep in the kennel. All in all though, it was ok. I don't think I'm going to be doing anything like that again. Mom locks the zipper closed now with a key chain when she leaves.

Well, I think I'll post some more pictures. The fans have spoken! You guys wanted more pictures? YOU GOT IT!

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