Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a week....

First we went to school, that's no big deal. Then Nokie comes home from school, that kinda was a big deal. Then Nokie goes back to school, that kinda sucked. Then we go to school again, this time was the best (I escaped). Then I'm sickly! Can you believe it?! Talk about some serious suckage...

About me being sick: I've always been know..."regular." But I've never been (this is so embarrassing) "consistent." Mom's always been a little worried, but she says I usually come out of it pretty quick. This time I didn't. And let me just say this right up front, I am NOT a fan of Linzey right now!! She's the lady that my Mom talks to about me a lot. She also makes my doctor appointments, but I digress. She told my Mom, and what's worse my Mom LISTENED, to not feed me all day yesterday!!!!! Now granted, Mom caved in around midnight and gave me a bit of rice because my tummy was growling so bad we couldn't sleep, but still! This morning I got the chicken that I could smell Mom cooking yesterday and I got more rice. Not enough to make up for the cruel and unusual punishment of yesterday, but she's getting closer to redemption. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's working the way they wanted. I'm still not exactly "solid" if you know what I mean. I'm still kinda "fluid" in my business. But that's enough about me and my business. It's not your business, what do you care? (haha, gotta love a well timed bad pun!)

About me escaping: for all my future trainers out there, I deserve some serious bonus points for this one! I think that when the time comes I could skip a level for this genius, just a suggestion... Mom ties me to her desk when we're at school. She gives me a blanket and three toys. Monkey comes to school, my tug and my Kong. I was playing with my tug and Mom couldn't play with me anymore because she was writing. So I decided that her teacher would want to play with me. I untied my leash (how I'm not telling, secrets like that can save your life someday) and went to play with her. HAHAHA! Mom didn't even notice I was loose until it was too late. I ran up to the teacher and jumped up her leg to get her attention and see if she'd play with me. Evenyone thought I was cute and funny, everyone except Mom. Apparently that woman has to work on her sense of humor.

Sunday, Nokie and I were threatened with a first class oneway trip to the pound. Mom renamed us Tropical Storm Nokie and Hurricane Hawk. She was yelling for I'd say a good two hours before she said "That's it! Everyone get your leashes!" We got in the car and Nokie was excited, she told him not to be, she still wasn't sure if we were going to the pound or the field. She's a sucker because she took us to the field. :) Nokie ran laps like it was his job and I just kinda watched. I'm not saying I coudn't do that too, I'm just being practical. His legs are WAY longer than mine and I didn't want to get run over. Well, so much for wishful thinking. He decided that clotheslining me would be a fun thing to do...repeatedly. Mom yelled at him, told him not to hurt me. Then she tackled him and pinned him. HAHAHA! Gotta love our Mom and her sense of justice! After that he didn't do it anymore. We all ran around, acting crazy and Mom taught me what to do when she whistles. Man that woman has a serious set of pipes on her. She would whistle and dogs in the neighborhood across the street would bark! I figured it out quick (as I've said before, I am a bit of a genius) and we stayed there until we were all too cold and tired to play anymore. When we came home we had lunch and a nice long nap. Mom did more homework, another reason I haven't been able to post anything this week. She's been online doing homework. We have two computers, but she won't let me use the laptop without supervision. I've showed her countless times that I know what I'm doing, but still...she says she's not giving in on this. Well, until next time!


  1. Hi Hawk, We enjoy reading about you. You don't remember us but we were part of the pupper huggers. You love sneakers and socks and you pulled a sock off one of the boys. We love you! Keep up the good work. The Shank Family

  2. Thanks for trucking along with me! I'll have to tell Mom, she said no one was going to care what a pup has to say. This'll show her!! My big brother, Nokie, he showed me some stuff to chew on that's WAY better than shoes and socks! (But between you and me, I think it's funny to take Mom's socks off sometimes while she's trying to put them on! She doesn't think it's funny, but I'm entertained by it, and really, in my world, that's all that matters!!) Hope to hear from you again. I'm going to post some photos soon as a journal of how big I'm getting.

  3. Hello Hawk!
    We haven't heard from you lately? How is your business doing? We hope better. We bet you are getting bigger. Hope to see pictures of you soon:) xo The Shank Family