Monday, February 16, 2009

Where's Hawk?

Hi all, sorry for the long absence. I've been a little under the weather. Nokie brought home the plague this weekend. But that's already past for both of us. Mom is in the process of switching my food. She thinks that might help me with I thank all of you for your continued interest in my development and well being (can you tell I'm almost a big boy now?!) So here goes another round. Lets see what interesting things have being going on in my world...

Last you all heard I was sickly (we're going to stick with that because I'm not going into the details again!) I am almost finished all my medicine and realized a very important thing Friday morning. Mom puts my pills in chicken. It was all good, but I could still kinda taste how nasty they were. Well, Friday I figured it out! If I roll the chicken on my tongue I can work the pills out of the meat. Then all I have to do is spit out the pills and eat the chicken. GENIUS! But, Mom got wise and she put them in peanut butter and stuck it on my tongue. Ever tried to work a pill out of peanut butter? I don't suggest it, just keep swallowing until it's gone. Mom thought that maybe I had learned my lesson and tried to give me the pills with chicken again on Sunday. HA! I worked it out again and spit out....the chicken!! It was horrible!!! The pill was stuck on my gum and it was all I could do to get it free and just swallow the stupid thing. After that I didn't feel like eating breakfast. But as it turns out, that was when Nokie's sickness hit me and I didn't eat much that day anyway.

Misty Morning (Misty for short), my sister, she came over with her mom Jane on Sunday too. We were wrestling and rolling and fighting and just playing till we dropped. Which Misty actually did! The Mom's took us to the field (Nokie and I's favorite spot) and Misty was chasing me then just dropped to the ground and had to lay there a minute. Girls! Just can't handle it! Weaklings! Nokie and I were troopers though. We ran and played, well really he ran, I tried to keep up and play with him when he stopped but he would just run again.

When we got back home, Mom packed us up and we went to a party. Nokie got to go in first and they were gone for a while before Mom came and got me from the car. I was SO tired, but I wanted to see everyone. Mom let me play with some small people for a bit (kids I think she called them, only ever seen one other like them before) then told me that it was nap time. I didn't want to go in the box but I didn't have the strength to protest at that point. Linzey said something to Mom about me being a good boy and trainers (trainers!) being proud of me for being relaxed in my box. Mom told her that she likes me best when I'm tired and sleeping. Liar. She's just as crazy as me, who's she trying to fool?!

I've begun to live a bit of a quiet life now. I'm getting huge, at least that's what Nana says. Mom says I'm too skinny, but she likes how tall I am. I got to see my real mom, Scarlett, on Sunday. That was nice. Nokie was trying to play with her and she didn't want to play with him. Don't know what's going on there, just be a grown up thing. I still go to school with Mom, though I didn't go this past Thursday. OH! That's right, I went to Team Training with Mom on Wednesday. I didn't see a whole lot, I was out in the van with Dusty and my sister Sunshine most of the time. But Mom did take me on this awesome walk through the woods. My Mom, she's a talker, but when we were in those woods even she was quiet. I think she really liked it. She seems like the kind of person who would I think. The only time she spoke was to whisper to herself asking why she didn't bring her camera. (Mom has that thing practically attached to her hand!) We were on the move for something like 12 hours on Wednesday, it was nuts. When puppy class ended and we finally got home we both just collapsed on to the couch. Then Mom carried me to bed and we went to sleep. I was still really tired on Thursday (so was Mom but she still left) and so I didn't go to school with her.

Ahhhh, not so much a quiet life I guess. But not a bad one, that's for sure!


  1. Dear Hawk,

    Since you mentioned your Mom having the camera stuck to her hand; she hasn't posed any pics. Give her a nudge - we want to see how big you are getting. The Shank Family

  2. So speaks my fans, I will answer you call...