Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PawsAbilities...the aftermath

OH MY! What a weekend! Newfounlands, German Shepards and Great Danes--oh my! It was just crazy! Sunshine, Journey, Star, Scarlett (aka Mom), Ringo--everyone was there! I don't know where to about the beginning...

Crack of dawn, and I'm so not kidding. Sun wasn't even up yet! Mom is running around getting me snacks and my lunch and dinner in to go bags. She got my tent together and we were on our way. (By the way, the sun was just BARELY coming up.) We picked up Aunt Ari and went to the Farm Show. There were already a bunch of people there. Mom set us up next to where Aunt Susan had Sunshine set up. She's always so mean to me. She was yelling at me from her crate. My real Mom was there too. She didn't seem to care one way or another that I was there.

I didn't want to be in my tent so I started to yell at Mom and got her to take me around so that I could see everything. There were lots of dogs and people. We walked around and hung out for a bit. Then Mom put me back in the tent and went to go work on her games. After a bit Robbie came and kidnapped me and Sunshine. We all got in a big playpen with Star and got to rough house for a while. Mom found me an hour or so later. I didn't really notice, I was busy with the girls and trying to win the war. (I may have lost some battles, but the war is HARDLY over!) Mom left, I think she was still busy with the games, and I just stayed with my sisters.

After lunch Mom and I had to go on stage with Linzey to talk about what Mom does (rasing me and such). I was a rockstar, how could I not be? It just comes naturally for someone like me. I was laying down on the stage and being very...well...rockstarish. Linzey was WAY happy about just how much of a rockstar I was.

There were SO MANY DOGS THERE!! Sunday was pretty much the same deal. Early morning, long day. Mom and I both crashed big time when we got home.

I got to wear my harness on stage Sunday. That's how well behaved Mom said I was. She was talking to Michelle, Ringo's Mom, and saying how when we went to Wal-Mart is was a disaster and she was afraid to take me into stores. Well Michelle told Mom to do it anyway because she didn't ever take Ringo anywhere and now he's bad in stores. So...I got to go to the grocery store...TWICE! That's right, I was so good the first time, Mom took me again the next day! Seriously, I don't care if you're tired of hearing this, I dare anyone to argue with me... I AM A R O C K S T A R!!!

So that was the weekend. It was great fun had by all. Mom got some pictures of the Limbo, but not much else. She was busier than she thought she would be. I'll post her Limbo pictures separate. But I did want to add some pics of me to this post...just cause.

This is me and my Lena. She comes and checks on me while Mom's at work sometimes. Not so much anymore now that I'm all grown up and don't need checkin' on no more though...

Remember this? That was on my 3 month birthday....

This is today. Just a week shy of 4 months...

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