Friday, March 27, 2009

I'M A TV STAR!!!!!!


For those who don't know, we had the channel 8 news crew at our puppy class Wednesday night. Here's an email that Nancy sent Mom, it'll give you the low down on why they were there:

Dear SSD awesome volunteer,

In the next few weeks I will be coming to all of you for various reasons. First I am looking for space for puppy class. With the economy SSD and I need your help

We are currently down 1 ½ people who would be trainers. We need to help the current staff provide high quality puppy classes. We can best do this with two or three trainers working with specially trained volunteers. We can then hold small classes, several at one time. We currently are using the conference room at Keystone Children & Family Services. This space is filled with stuffed chairs and large tables that are moved to the side for each class but still utilize a lot of the space and then there is the carpet. SSD causes a lot of wear and tear to this surface. We need a better suited site for puppy classes.

Please help us find the right place. Somewhere in the greater Harrisburg Area is a place that we can use that would work. It would be awsesome if it was long term but just for 4 or 5 months would also be great Please think about this and ask around. We have over 40 puppies and dogs that will be attending and we need help!!

What we need in a site:

At least 2 areas/spaces 800 to 1,000 square feet each, three would be awesome

Within 15 miles + or – of 3700 Vartan Way Harrisburg PA 17110

Heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer

Parking on site for 20 cars at one time

Available weekly in the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm, currently we prefer Wednesday evening

Preferably a floor surface that is not rug

Fairly empty so we would have use of the entire space without moving tons of furniture nightly

Available for free or for little cost.

Puppies and dogs sometimes bark and we do not want to be in a location where occasional barking will cause a problem.

If you have any ideas or connections, please call – the kennel at 717-599-5920 or email me at

Thank you so much for your suggestions- I know out there someone knows the perfect place.

Thanks, nancy

So as you can see, we're in some serious need here! If anyone has any suggestions, please, refer to Nancy's e-mail above for contact info and help us out!!

Anyway, like I was saying... I WAS ON TV!!! The news guy was there when we got to class and they took video of me, Sunshine and Star playing before class. Then they got video of me and Mom (she's telling me what a Rockstar I am, in case you were curious) and even of Denver. Mom does a voice over and they showed us at the end. They showed part of the interview that they filmed of us. Mom sent an email to the station hoping to get a copy of it to post here. If we can't get that, again hopefully, we'll get a link that we can post so everyone can see it. For now Mom has it on DVR (she's been recording all the news since last night so she didn't miss it!) and is going to try and find a way to copy it.

But whatever comes of it I just thought you guys should know...I AM A ROCKSTAR and now A TV STAR!!!

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