Saturday, January 24, 2009

A New Day (and a rough night)

It's my first full day with my new mom Angi. I've almost gotten to pee in the house twice, but she's quick! I don't know why she wants me to go outside, she doesn't! It's cold out there, and I don't even have any shoes on! My foster brother Roanoke (Nokie to family) is pretty cool, even if he does have a bit of a short temper. We played a lot and Nana (my Angi's Mom) came over and played with us too. Nokie doesn't mind when I chew on his things, Mom does though. I got yelled at a lot this morning. Lectured too. But it's ok I guess, I don't mind. As far as I'm concerned, so far so good.

Last night though was a bit of a different story....
Mom and Nokie wanted to go to sleep. Fine by me, I was already there! But when they went to bed, she put me in this dark plastic box. NOT COOL!! And believe you me, I let my feelings be known! It's bad enough that I had to trade 6 siblings for 1 cranky foster brother (who gets even crankier when you try to force him to play, but that's another story) but now this! Well, as it turns out, Mom is afraid of something called "the cops" and she let me out. Thank God! She made me go outside, again with the not cool, but brought me back in and let me up to where her and Nokie were. No wonder they tried to force me in to that box, it was great up there!! Who would want to share such space, such softness, such cozy warmth?! Soon enough I was sound asleep again, only to roll over an hour later and realize I was back in the box! Knowing now what I was missing out on, I began my protest again. This time with much more enthusiasm. I wanted out of there and back up to where Nokie and Mom were. After a while she gave in. I got to spend the night in bed with them. A word to the wise: Mom and Nokie are both very cranky in the mornings, especially when they haven't slept much. And sometimes, Nokie can be down right mean! I was trying to cuddle with him, like he was cuddling with Mom and he wouldn't have it! I mean really! Mom's got lots of legs for him to rest his head on, why can't I rest there too? Ok, so I was maybe trying to rest in the same spot as him, but so? Isn't sharing with your brothers a good thing? Mom yelled at him, told him to leave me alone. He got mad and went to the other side. (Please note that he did not leave the bed, as he clearly wanted me to do. If he's not giving it up, neither am I!)

When Nana came over this afternoon Mom was so happy!! She even asked Nana to stay longer so that she could get a bath. I don't understand the bath thing. Bath's suck big time! They're right up there with broccoli and spinach. But Nana just laughed at her. Nana said that Mom was going to have to learn to deal on her own, whatever that means. The only thing I didn't like about Nana's visit was that she put me in the box again. Nana wouldn't let me make a peep! Every time I even opened my mouth she shushed me! Then she took Mom and Nokie into the bedroom and I couldn't see them anymore. That made me WAY sad and I cried. Mom said something about the cops again and Nana laughed. She laughs a lot. After I stopped crying (frankly I didn't think they were coming back) Nana came and let me out. I was so happy I almost peed (Nana's pretty quick too)! After Nana left we all went to relax. Nokie and Mom were on the couch. Mom let me come up too when I asked and told Nokie to let me lay with him. No big deal if he didn't, I'm over him. I laid in the pillows, they're more comfy than him anyway! Well then Mom woke us all up and put me in the box and went with Nokie to take a bath. You know, no matter how much I cry, he doesn't even care! I was crying and crying and did Nokie come save me? NO! Some brother he is... When Mom came back she was all wet and told me what a good boy I was. I'm guessing that where ever she went to take a bath she couldn't hear me. She let me out and then we all went in to the office to play. That was fun! Nokie couldn't beat me in tug o' war if he was Underdog! I so smoked him! But then I fell asleep again. I do that a lot, I should have Mom take me to the doctors or something...but I digress. Mom put me back in the box and this time it was ok I guess. I was too sleepy to really care and I could still see her and Nokie walking around in the kitchen. I never cried once and when I woke up Mom had the door open and she said she was so proud of me!! Rightly so of course, I am a wonderful dog after all. And it's my 2 month birthday!!!

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  1. Poor, sad puppy in a box :(

    (Kudos on the crate training!)