Monday, January 26, 2009

My first day alone with Mom...and my first time without her

Mom and I took Nokie back to school today. He got in trouble as soon as we got there and she yelled at him. I don't know what his problem was. As soon as Mom opened the door he jumped and ran from the car! I didn't get it, I was like "Dude, where's the fire?" Mom said he must really be happy to be back at school where he can be left alone and sleep all night, whatever that means. Sometimes she don't make no sense. I don't get the lot of them. Silly tall talk, that's all it is. After we left Nokie's (and mine one day!) school Mom took me out on the town! It was great, just the two of us. We went to a shop and Mom carried me the whole time. She said I couldn't get down because I'd eat stuff off the floor and get sick. But what was really weird was that she gave the guy in the shop our car! I couldn't believe it! There I was, sitting all cozy with Lamb in the back of the car then she picks me up, puts Lamb in a bag and some dude took our car. It was crazy! Then some other guy with an even bigger car came and took us to Mom's work. We sat on this really comfy couch thing and Mom was typing on her laptop. I tried to see what she was doing but she told me no and off. She said she had to do her homework and for me to lay down. I tried to get up again, you know, so I could help her out (I AM really smart after all) but she just yelled at me again. So I took Lamb and we went and laid at the other end of the bench and took a nap. When we finally got back to the shop and got our car back Mom let some lady come and take me. She was showing me to everyone behind the window and I couldn't see Mom anymore. It was cool though, I'm a big boy, I could handle it. I was lovin' the ladies and that isn't something that you need your Mom for.

When we got back home Mom did more homework for a while and I decided to take a nap. One must conserve energy after all. There's no need to be wasteful. When I woke up she told me we were going to play a game. Every time she said a word and I did something I got a treat. Tell me something, honestly....IS THAT NOT THE BEST GAME EVER OR WHAT???!!! Mom says "Sit", I sit and I get a treat. How awesome is that! Mom called my name and I got a treat. Seriously, I mean seriously, life DOES NOT get better than that. Getting a treat for knowing your name?! Even babies know their own name! It was nuts! Personally I think Mom many have been off her rocker a bit. I know that she thinks she's preparing me for school and all but really, there's not going to be anything like that in school! Nothing that simple at least. Look at Nokie. He's going to school and he doesn't get a treat every time Mom says his name.

But the night kinda went downhill after that. Mom and I went outside to potty and play some. When we came in, she made a phone call and talked for a while. That was boring so I went to sleep. What sucked was that when I woke up I was in the box, and Mom wasn't home. Not like Mom wasn't in the room with me. Mom wasn't in any of the rooms! She had left me alone, completely! My Aunt Ari came in a little later and she let me go potty and we played for a while. But in the end she put me back in the box too. Then Nana came over and she took me to potty (the humans are big on this potty thing, I mean really, do they get this excited when they go?) and she played with me then put me back in the box. I was scared, I'll admit it. But I was ok too. I made sure that Mom got nothing but good reports. (hehe nothing like a little puppy lovin' to persuade people to do as you say!) When Mom came home it was so great! We went outside and played in the house. She was running all over the place acting crazy, it was fun. Then we sat on the couch and watched Mom's shows. But now it's time for bed. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment and Mom has to go to school. Catch you all on the flip side!!

~~~>Stay tuned! I'll fill everyone in on our day at school tomorrow night!

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  1. "where's the fire?" so funny - his dad is named Fire! ;)