Saturday, April 11, 2009

Status Update

So here we go. Sorry it's been so long. I was recovering from Ringo and I's 5 day UFC match that we had. It was great! I have some pictures of us....

It was a good weekend.

Well, it's 4 and a half months old for me...yep, I'm getting old. But on a more positive note, for me, 4.5 months = 46.5 pounds!! Nana said I'm growing at the same rate my Aunt Molly did (she's was a St. Bernard). That makes Mom a little scared. She says she's afraid I'm gonna be some 100 pound Lab. I don't see the problem, more bed for me!

I promised some training updates too. I can pretty much handle loose leash walking (when I'm paying attention at least) and I know sit and down and that stuff (duh) but this is what Mom and I were working on this week...

That's right baby!!! Check out my awesome powers of "Leave It"!!!!!

I also, on a side note, want to thank Aunt Michelle for the new bones!

Other than that there's not much to say. I visited Aunt Linzey this weekend and when Mom steals her pictures I'll put them up. It was a preview of what it's going to be like next weekend when we go to Gretel's birthday party!


  1. WOw that is an impressive leave it! My nine-month-old won't do that!!

  2. Great job, Hawk! I love the pictures. Looks like you and Ringo had a lot of fun.

  3. WAY TO LEAVE IT HAWK!! Say can we get together sometime so you can teach 2 goldens how to leave it? Kassie & Lexi need some help with that!